Our View From Above

When we view the Earth from space, we’re able to see it as one unified and fragile ecosystem in the expanse of our universe. From space we can see the most dramatic changes to our Planet. Climate scientists use satellites such as GRACE, SENTINEL, and LandSat to track water distribution, to stop deforestation, to study greenhouse gases and to warn communities about natural disasters. 

Remote sensing technology, viewing the Earth by satellite or aircraft, has given us the most insight into human caused climate change. However, most of that data is studied in labs and shared with government agencies. While the data is often publicly available, it’s not made to be easily understood or widely shared. In this series of articles, we aim to break that barrier.

Each article will focus on understanding the effects that climate change has on a specific region and the communities that live there. We will begin to understand how the Earth has drastically changed, and how it will continue to do so unless we improve our relationship with our planet. Updates will be every Wednesday.