Dreaming of NASA: 4 Degrees to Shoot for the Stars2 min read

Outer space continues to be the last frontier yet to be conquered by man. Even with the multitudes of significant and marvelous scientific discoveries made in the past few decades, much is still yet to be learned about the vast depths beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

NASA leads the way in these discoveries, making this agency one that is exciting to work for and the ideal career mecca for science-minded individuals. By pursuing and achieving one of these degrees, you could aspire to join the ranks of NASA and contribute to the quest to uncover the wonders of outer space.

Computer Science

It is just a given that NASA relies heavily on computers for a broad scope of purposes. From communicating with the astronauts in the international space station to creating virtual images of innovative rocket designs, NASA officials use computers as part of their everyday duties.

With a degree in computer science, you could be qualified to take a job with this organization. Your expertise in this field could contribute to the technology that NASA needs now and in the future to continue its space exploration endeavors.


Astronauts look to physicists to come up with inventions that will keep them safe in space and also let them carry out their work. Physicists are responsible for designing equipment that will work even without the presence of gravity.

Physicists also have the important job of designing rocket boosters, launcher systems, and other equipment that will ensure safe launches of satellites and other technology. NASA may recruit you if you have a degree in physics.


Engineers create infrastructures that NASA relies on to launch rockets and carry out other experiments both in space and on Earth. NASA hires people who have either an undergraduate or graduate degree in engineering. However, preference typically falls on those who possess graduate degrees in this field.

You can work toward a graduate engineering degree by attending online school. An online master’s in civil engineering could allow you to obtain your post-graduate degree in as little as 19 months so that you can apply for a NASA job sooner.


As NASA makes headway toward discovering about planets like Mars, they rely on geologists to figure out what kinds of materials exist on those planets. A degree in geology could be the ticket to your NASA career.

Geologists also study the air and water found on planets. They could also study life forms that may be found in the future.

As noted at NASA’s website, NASA hires people from a variety of different fields. You may be suited for NASA if you possess one of these four degrees.


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