Debunking Planet Nibiru: Another Doomsday is Coming!2 min read

Debunking Planet Nibiru: Another Doomsday is Coming!

There’s a new Doomsday Conspiracy date looming ahead, and it bases itself on the mystical Planet Nibiru. Don’t worry, we debunk it here.

The date is the upcoming Saturday, the 23rd of September of 2017 and the world will end in fire and doom according to Conspiracy Theorists.

The preachers involved in the conspiracy claimed Hurricane Irma and the past Solar Eclipse are all clear signs that they are right, and omens of the Apocalypse.

Why is the World Ending? The Mystical Planet of Nibiru

This supposed planet was already debunked by NASA and a team of scientists led by David Morrison.

Morrison debunked the “facts” of Nibiru existing and it being a brown dwarf in a direct collision course with our home planet, Earth.

David Meade, na evangelic Christian, is not convinced. He tells the tale of the rapture through his video – you can watch it below.

Watched the Video? Here’s Why It’s All a Lie:

Before you start to panick, remember that the Mayan calendar also predicted the end of the Earth and it didn’t happen.

NASA has already come forward to debunk the theory, but if you don’t believe in science and in faith, know that very influential Christian figures already came forward, stating that Christian Numerologist is a made up term

Morrison tranquilizes the public, stating that if Nibiru was that close to us, astronomers would have spoted it by now even at great unrealistic speeds. On the other hand, if Nibiru was traveling at realistic speeds, you could see it with a naked eye by now.

Finally, if Nibiru was real, Mars and Earth would have their orbits disturbed, and the fact that didn’t happen should put your mind to rest that there’s no Planet X looming the outskirts of our Solar System.

Convinience over Science, Astronomy and Faith:

Meade has published a book about this Apocalyptic theory and it’s for sale right now. It is only convinient that the only one perpetrating the myth is himself and that his area of expertise was made up and doesn’t even exist.

Instilling fear in the minds of the public, while disguising yourself as a man of faith, in order to ramp up sales is never a good thing.

But in the age of information where data is by your fingertips and a few clicks away, only the uninformed can fall prey to rumors like this.

We at wanted to make sure you feel safe, and we’ll check back on you Sunday the 24th.

Rui Carreira

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