January 23, 2015

NASA and Microsoft Collaboration Will Allow Scientists to ‘Walk on Mars’

Raw video for media Use. NASA and Microsoft have teamed up to develop software called OnSight, a new technology that will enable scientists to work virtually […]
January 11, 2015

NASA and Nissan Team Up to Build Self-Driving Vehicles for Earth and Mars

It’s turning out to be a stellar year for the future of autonomous driving as NASA’s Ames Research Center and Nissan North America announced they’re teaming […]
January 5, 2015

SpaceX’s Next Frontier: Landing a Rocket on Earth

In rocketry, what goes up usually comes down in pieces. The cost of getting to orbit is exorbitant, because the rocket, with its multimillion-dollar engines, ends […]
January 4, 2015

NASA testing inflatable spacecraft technology to get humans to Mars

NORFOLK, Va. – Devising a way to one day land astronauts on Mars is a complex problem and NASA scientists think it may be solved with […]
December 21, 2014

NASA wants to deploy manned solar-powered airships to Venus

Despite its hellish surface, Venus turns out to be quite an attractive planet for exploration. NASA scientists are developing a project of conquering its upper atmosphere […]
December 20, 2014

Nasa emails spanner to space station

Astronauts on the International Space Station have used their 3-D printer to make a wrench from instructions sent up in an email. It is the first […]
November 30, 2014

Cool NASA Animation Beautifully Details Every Step of Orion’s First Launch!

It’s not Science Fiction! It’s Not Star Trek! No. It’s a really, really big NASA Mission!  It’s Orion! In fact it the biggest and most important development […]
November 18, 2014

Four Bizarre Prototypes of Cold War Weapons

The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union took place at the same time as the so-called “Space Age” or “Atomic Age,” a […]
November 11, 2014

Scientists Gear up for Dramatic Bid to Land Probe on Comet

DARMSTADT, Germany—In what promises to be a nail-biting event worthy of a Hollywood script, rocket scientists on Wednesday will attempt the challenging task of trying to […]