April 6, 2015

NASA reveals its most powerful rocket launcher ever

Armed with an asteroid hunter, lunar flashlight and DNA kit, NASA will launch the unmanned Orion spacecraft using the Space Launch System (SLS) — its largest, […]
April 4, 2015

NASA is planning to deflect an asteroid in 2022 — to learn how to protect Earth

In 2022, NASA plans to send a probe crashing into an asteroid at more than 13,000 miles per hour to deflect it off its course. This […]
April 3, 2015

Boldly go explore an asteroid with NASA’s Vesta Trek

NASA has announced the release of Vesta Trek, a free, web-based application that provides detailed visualisations of Vesta, one of the largest asteroids in our Solar System. […]
April 1, 2015

NASA is about to test a flying saucer that will help send the first astronauts to Mars

From 2:30 to 3:30 pm ET, NASA will live broadcast the test of their Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator, or LDSD, which resembles a flying saucer. Perhaps the most […]
March 27, 2015

Why Does The International Space Station Have Such A Weird Shape?

I feel like a parent that was just told their child is ugly. As an engineer, I look at the ISS and think “of course it […]
March 16, 2015

Nasa to Develop Augmented Reality Glasses for Astronauts

Several outer space tasks like doing repairs and conducting experiments may become a lot easier for astronauts now as Nasa is developing augmented reality glasses like […]
February 24, 2015

The 5 coolest NASA missions that never happened

NASA is full of ambitious dreamers. But those dreams cost money. And Congress has to approve them first. Ever since the end of the Apollo program, […]
February 20, 2015


There are places beyond the reach of NASA’s current army of robot space explorers. Impressive and capable as Curiosity and other land rovers are, they’d be […]
January 29, 2015

Falcon Heavy flight animation reveals SpaceX’s future vision

Elon Musk‘s SpaceX has just released a new flight animation video that reveals its vision of how it wants it next launch to proceed. Presuming, of course, it […]