April 21, 2017

A warp in space-time just gave us four views of one exploding star

Astronomers catch a galaxy magnifying and splitting the light from a supernova Although the night sky often seems so peaceful and still, a closer look reveals […]
April 13, 2017

Jeff Bezos: Blue Origin Passengers Can’t Use the Bathroom and Shouldn’t Barf

The Blue Origin founder and CEO says his company has no plans to install systems on New Shepard to deal with human waste during flight. COLORADO […]
April 11, 2017

SpaceX Rocket Could Be 100-Percent Reusable by 2018, Elon Musk Says

SpaceX could begin launching completely reusable Falcon 9 rockets by the end of next year, company founder and CEO Elon Musk said. On March 30, a […]
April 5, 2017

Watch SpaceX land a used rocket for the first time ever

SpaceX made history last week when it landed a used Falcon 9 rocket on one of its drone ships in the Atlantic Ocean. Never before has […]
March 31, 2017

Success for SpaceX ‘re-usable rocket’

California‘s SpaceX company has successfully re-flown a segment from one of its Falcon 9 rockets. The first-stage booster, which was previously used on a mission 11 […]
March 30, 2017

Peek inside Blue Origin’s capsule for space tourists

Blue Origin, the private company hoping to carry tourists into space in 2018, has unveiled the interior design for its spacecraft’s cabin. The New Shepard‘s layout […]
March 27, 2017

Trump Stalls NASA Europa Lander, But There’s Another Concept in the Works

“The NIMPH system combines in situ resource utilization, miniaturization, [and] electric propulsion.” Europa, Jupiter’s tantalizing ice moon, is one of the most promising places to search […]
March 24, 2017

How Effectively Can We Protect Astronauts From Cosmic Radiations On Mars?

How Effectively Can We Protect Astronauts From Cosmic Radiations On Mars? On a day to day basis, we hardly care to realize that how the earth […]
March 19, 2017

Colonizing Mars Will Depend on Low-Tech Know-How

When humans arrive at the Red Planet, their success and survival will require adapting to local conditions and making use of resources in ways that were […]