SpaceX receives launch license for first Falcon Heavy launch

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket somehow survived a landing in the Atlantic Ocean

Watch SpaceX’s massive Falcon Heavy rocket pass an explosive milestone

Shutdown means SpaceX can’t test its Falcon Heavy rocket, creating further delays

The Future of Space Engineering

SpaceX and customers defend Falcon 9 performance after Zuma mission

Delays and safety concerns mar NASA’s plans to fly astronauts on commercial spacecraft

Space Fever in Astronauts Could Jeopardize Landing on Mars

It’s not official, but sources say the secretive Zuma satellite was lost

Russia pushing to partner with NASA on lunar gateway

Sorry sci-fi fans, real wars in space not the stuff of Hollywood

NASA Is Considering Sending a “Dragonfly” Drone to an Alien World

Cosmic Watch – A Time Traveller’s Delight

Deep Space and 3D Printing: What Does the Future Hold?

What NASA’s simulated missions tell us about the need for Martian law

Asgardia Becomes the First ‘Nation’ to Have All of Its Territory In Space

The First Asgardian Satellite is Now in Space

So, You’re Still Interested in Astronomy?

After 37 years, Voyager 1 has fired up its trajectory thrusters

SpaceX will use the first Falcon Heavy to send a Tesla Roadster to Mars, Elon Musk says

NASA approves use of previously-flown booster on next Dragon mission

With “Mission 1” complete, Planet turns focus to data analysis

NASA’s Next Mars Lander Passes Big Test Ahead of May 2018 Launch

SpaceX aims to follow a banner year with an even faster 2018 launch cadence

Private Spacesuit Undergoes Zero-G Testing to Prepare for Commercial Flights

NASA Speeds Up Testing of Critical Orion Astronaut-Escape System

The Dream Chaser spacecraft has completed a successful free flight

NASA’s next big rocket probably won’t fly until 2020

NASA issues study contracts for Deep Space Gateway element

After nearly 20 years, the Space Station is getting a printer upgrade


Op-ed | The Deep Space Gateway as a cislunar port

International Space Station

What Did It Take to Build the International Space Station?

What’s in a Name? SpaceX’s ‘BFR’ Mars Rocket Acronym Explained

60 years after Sputnik, Russia is lost in space

Elon Musk: Rockets will fly people from city to city in minutes

Deep Space Gateway to Open Opportunities for Distant Destinations

Blue Origin signs up third customer for New Glenn

Cassini is gone. What comes next?

NASA’s Cassini probe has broken apart in Saturn’s atmosphere — ending its 20-year journey 14

How we’ll nap our way to Mars

Next-Gen Mars Rover Will Explore Potentially Habitable Regions of the Red Planet

ASA Has Big Plans for AI on Mars and Beyond

Elon Musk reveals first official photo of SpaceX space suit

The Epic Journey of Both Voyager Spacecraft

NASA is about to find out if a supercomputer can survive a year in space

SpaceX to Launch NASA Cargo, Try Rocket Landing Today

Tour an Astronaut Habitat for Mock Space Missions

After NASA review, experimental plasma rocket on track for 100-hour test

Pack Your Microscope —Space-Based Medical Research Is Taking Off

Ex-Astronaut Offers Bold Three-Step Plan to Put Humans on Mars

Virgin Galactic carries out “dry run” for powered SpaceShipTwo flights

NASA Posts Dozens of Flight Test Videos on YouTube


Your Need to Upgrade Connected Devices Makes Astronomy Difficult

What Could Space Archaeologists Tell Us about Astronaut Culture?

Is It Time to Rethink How We Search for Alien Life?

Made in Space Talks ‘Teleporting’ and the Future of Space-Borne 3D Printing

Ten ways that astronauts are helping you stay healthy

Spooky action at a record-breaking distance

Electric-Powered Lunar Space Tug Could Facilitate Future Moon Missions

Become a Citizen of the Asgardia Space Nation With 300kb of Data

Compact Fusion Rockets Could Be the Future of Interplanetary Space Missions

China’s Rising Space Ambitions: The modern space race and beyond

1st Private Space Station Will Become an Off-Earth Manufacturing Hub

NASA’s GPS-Like Deep Space Navigation Experiment Set to Launch on SpaceX Rocket

NASA’s sun-kissing probe gets a hot new name

Commercial crew vehicles may fall short of safety threshold

New Mars Rover Looks Like a Real Life Batmobile

Space Aggressors’ Train US Forces for Extraterrestrial Conflict

Cosmic rays suggest dark matter is a self-annihilating WIMP

The Air Force wants you to know about its secret robotic spacecraft, the X-37B

Stephen Hawking says we have 100 years to colonize a new planet—or die. Could we do it?

Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans to send the first of its 4,425 super-fast internet satellites into space in 2019

SpaceShipTwo tests feather system on latest glide flight

Whose is bigger? How all the Mars-bound rockets stack up

What it would actually take to get to Mars by 2020

A warp in space-time just gave us four views of one exploding star

Jeff Bezos: Blue Origin Passengers Can’t Use the Bathroom and Shouldn’t Barf

SpaceX Rocket Could Be 100-Percent Reusable by 2018, Elon Musk Says

Watch SpaceX land a used rocket for the first time ever

Success for SpaceX ‘re-usable rocket’

Peek inside Blue Origin’s capsule for space tourists

Trump Stalls NASA Europa Lander, But There’s Another Concept in the Works

How Effectively Can We Protect Astronauts From Cosmic Radiations On Mars?

Colonizing Mars Will Depend on Low-Tech Know-How

Who’s Out There?—Stuck With Carbon

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Plans Crewed Launch Within a Year

NASA Will Create the Coldest Spot in the Known Universe Onboard the ISS

Blue Origin’s next rocket may finally get sea legs

Martian Meteorites Could Reveal That the Red Planet Was Wetter Than We Thought

Solar Storm Warning: New Tool Could Help Protect Astronauts

ULA launch successfully carries NRO payload into orbit


SpaceX says it will fly two space tourists around the moon in 2018

Virgin Galactic resumes SpaceShipTwo testing


How To Build A Space Suit That’s Actually (Sort Of) Comfortable

Calculating what it would take to park a solar sail at Alpha Centauri

Sending Mars Rovers on a ‘Walkabout’ Could Boost Their Science Output

SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition finally puts pods in the tube

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