SpaceX’s 1st Crew Dragon for astronauts aces tests in space, could land Aug. 2

Virgin Orbit’s first air-launched rocket launch fails

So, You’re Still Interested in Astronomy?
 The Way Our Galaxy Formed?

Astronaut Advice: How to Cope with Isolation

Crew Dragon likely to support extended space station stay

Astronauts and Opioids

‘Vigorous’ magnetic field oddity spotted over South Atlantic

Everything you need to know about SpaceX’s historic astronaut launch

On the Moon, Astronaut Pee Will Be a Hot Commodity

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe starts sun observation marathon

NASA and ‘Kerbal Space Program’ challenge gamers to recreate historic SpaceX launch to space station

China’s new spacecraft—which resembles a Crew Dragon—just landed

Who’s Out There–Something on Pluto?

SpaceX to test Starlink “sun visor” to reduce brightness

Things to keep in mind regarding the purchase of scientific equipment maintenance and service contract

NASA Contributes Expertise, Ingenuity to COVID-19 Fight

Bridenstine says Crew Dragon could launch with astronauts at end of May

Disabilities & Medical Research in Space: What We Know So Far


Astronaut Pee Will Help Build Bases on the Moon

Future space telescopes may probe Titan-like exoplanets

Soyuz launches 34 OneWeb satellites

Coronavirus precautions are changing life for NASA astronaut’s launch to space station

NASA selects finalists for next small astrophysics mission

What Is the “Impossible” Black Hole in the Milky Way

Did German physicists accidentally discover dark matter in 2014?

Inside Elon Musk’s plan to build one Starship a week—and settle Mars

Scientists Are Starting to Take Warp Drives Seriously, Especially This One Concept

Future Astronauts Could Enjoy Fresh Vegetables From an Autonomous Orbital Greenhouse

Can a rogue star kick Earth out of the solar system?

Robots in Space: What Does the Future Hold?

What should we do if a ‘planet-killer’ asteroid takes aim at Earth?

Who’s Out There…Anyone On Mars? Anyone Anywhere? 

How Astronauts Prepare for a Trip in Space

NASA signals interest in Venus and volcanoes for next science missions


Europe’s Solar Orbiter Begins Its Journey to the Sun

Space Minerals: A New Frontier?

Voyager 2 Went Into Fault Protection Mode, But Engineers Brought it Back Online

Japan seeks to finalize agreement with the U.S. on lunar exploration cooperation

How A Year In Space Affected An Astronaut’s Genes

Space cookies: First food baked in space by astronauts

Meet Vyom – India’s first robot ‘astronaut’

Who’s Out There–Anyone Nearby Reviewing Earth’s Year 2019?

SpinLaunch raises $35 million

Moon ‘shrooms? Fungi eyed to help build lunar bases and Mars outposts

NASA’s 10 Greatest Science Missions

The Most Amazing Advancements in Airplanes Over the Last Decade

Elon Musk shared an animation showing what SpaceX soon hopes to achieve after nearly a decade of effort: Launching astronauts into space

Climate Change from Space

Starliner test flight passes launch readiness review

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches Heavyweight Satellite Into Orbit, Nails Rocket Landing

Thousands of Government UFO Reports Now Available at Canadian University

NASA selects OSIRIS-REx asteroid sampling site

How NASA’s Next Mars Rover Will Hunt for Alien Life

Astronauts are Going to Attach a “Robot Hotel” to the Outside of the International Space Station

NASA’s solar probe reveals stunning results after swooping in close to the sun

This Newfound Monster Black Hole Is Too Big for Theories to Handle

Preparing for the Worst: In the Event of a Natural Disaster

Building a Planet B for Humanity Isn’t a Good Enough Reason to Explore Space

How AI is Promoting World Security and Counter-Terrorism

New details emerge about failed lunar landings

SpaceX Starship prototype blows its top

NASA Just Confirmed There Are Water Plumes Above The Surface of Jupiter’s Moon Europa

Mysterious Gravitational Wave Sparks Days-Long Hunt — But It Was Just a Glitch

SpaceX tests Crew Dragon abort thrusters

The Curiosity rover detects oxygen behaving strangely on Mars

Why Astronomers Worry About the Brightness of SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite Megaconstellation

Can We Genetically Engineer Humans to Survive Missions to Mars?

Discovering Extraterrestrial Life Would Be Slow and Uncertain

Evolution tells us we might be the only intelligent life in the universe

Pioneering NASA Asteroid Mission Clears Key Hurdle on Path to 2021 Launch

Moon Dust Could Be a Problem for Future Lunar Explorers

Whose Out There–Habitable Zones

Can Spacecraft Corrode in Space?

5 Amazing Benefits of the Invention of the Telescope

A Second Interstellar Visitor Has Arrived in Our Solar System. This Time, Astronomers Think They Know Where It Came From

How do astronauts practice self-care in space?

SpaceX to update Starship progress

Whose Out There–Unique Biocritters?

Venus was potentially habitable until a mysterious event happened

SpaceX’s orbital Starship prototype construction progress detailed in new photos

US Moon Landing Hopefuls Watch Silent India Lander — and Learn

Gargantuan ‘Bubbles’ of Radio Energy Spotted at the Center of Our Galaxy. How’d They Get There?

Astronomers Decode Weird X-Ray Pattern Coming from Neutron Star

India Just Found Its Lost Vikram Lander on the Moon, Still No Signal

Europe and US are Going to Try and Deflect an Asteroid

Astronomers Baffled by ‘Cosmic Mountain Ranges’ Jutting Through the Milky Way

China’s Lunar Rover Has Found Something Weird on the Far Side of the Moon

Scientists May Have Found a Volcanic Exomoon That Darth Vader Could Call Home

Scientists Test Mars Spacesuit By Climbing a Glacier in Iceland

SpaceX Starhopper rocket prototype takes giant leap for Elon Musk

Scientists Are Building a Real-Life Version of the Starship Enterprise’s Life Scanner

X-37B Military Space Plane Breaks Record on Latest Mystery Mission

Russian spacecraft carrying humanoid robot fails to dock

SpaceX’s Starman and Elon Musk’s Tesla Have Made a Lap Around the Sun

Scientists worry about long-term future of NASA’s Mars exploration program

NASA Mission Selects Final Four Site Candidates for Asteroid Sample Return

Mysterious, Ancient Radio Signals Keep Pelting Earth. Astronomers Designed an AI to Hunt Them Down.

Tardigrades that crash-landed on the moon may still be alive, but they’re not having fun

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