January 3, 2013

Newborn planets spotted slurping up gas from young parent star

Astroboffins have seen a key stage in the birth of giant planets for the first time, as the streams of gas and dust guzzled by newly […]
January 2, 2013

Space Radiation May Accelerate Alzheimer's in Astronauts

Radiation in space might harm the brains of astronauts in deep space by accelerating the development of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study on mice suggests. The […]
January 1, 2013

Private space travel to make giant leaps in 2013

Private companies building new spaceships to soar through orbital and suborbital space are looking forward to an action-packed year in 2013, with new flight tests, launches, […]
January 1, 2013

NASA's Curiosity Rover will broadcast a 'special message' in Times Square on New Year's Eve

NASA’s Curiosity Rover is already known for its significant social presence across networks like Twitter and Foursquare, but the Mars rover is scheduled to reach a whole new […]
January 1, 2013

Is NASA Lost in Space or Aimed at Asteroid?

A report this month from the National Research Council (NRC) has called NASA’s overall trajectory into question. It pointed out the national disagreement over the U.S. […]
December 31, 2012

2013 could be the best year for comet spotting in generations

A comet set to pass by the Earth could be the brightest in memory, and it’s not the only one coming for a visit next year. […]
December 29, 2012

There’s a good reason they called us the ‘wild and crazy guys’

The National Post re-imagines a week in the life of a newsmaker. Today, Tristin Hopper looks at the week through the eyes of Chris Hadfield, the […]
December 28, 2012

NASA’s Recon Orbiter Is The Most Important Thing We’ve Ever Thrown At Mars

The Opportunity, Spirit, and Curiosity rovers may get the headlines for their craters clamoring exploits but it’s NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, quietly observing the planet turn from 286 kilometres up, […]
December 28, 2012

On the ISS, no one can hear you scream because of the noise

Space is a vacuum, meaning it’s also a very quiet place to be because sound has nothing to travel through. So you probably expect the International Space Station (ISS) […]