September 10, 2013

Mars One: The psychology of isolation, confinement and 24-hour Big Brother

Those sent to live and die on the red planet face untold risk of mental illness Since April, thousands of people have applied to take a one-way […]
September 9, 2013

Three of the Biggest Storms in Our Solar System that Don't Mess Around

Mother nature can be unforgiving when it comes to a storm that can wipe out your city. However, storms on other planets play in a different […]
September 6, 2013

Robot Astronaut Kirobo Calls Home From Space

The pint-sized android astronaut, which combines cuteness and cutting-edge technology, is the first robot to have spoken from space according to researchers behind Kirobo. No bigger […]
September 4, 2013

Inside NASA’s Mission Improbable: catching an asteroid

WASHINGTON—NASA is looking for a rock. It has to be out there somewhere — a small asteroid circling the sun and passing close to Earth. It […]
September 2, 2013

Regrowing human body parts: The dream comes within reach

For centuries, humans have dreamt of the day when we could grow new body parts to replace the ones we lost, just like salamanders that can […]
September 1, 2013

Ultracold Big Bang Experiment Successfully Simulates Evolution of Early Universe

Physicists have reproduced a pattern resembling the cosmic microwave background radiation in a laboratory simulation of the big bang, using ultracold cesium atoms in a vacuum […]
August 28, 2013

Evidence of Internal Moon Water Found

Scientists have detected magmatic water — water that originates from deep within the Moon’s interior — on the surface of the Moon. These findings represent the first […]
August 27, 2013

Full details on manned ASTEROID SNATCH mission

NASA is pressing ahead with plans to capture an asteroid, pack it in an orbit around the Moon, and then send up a two-person crew to […]
August 23, 2013

NASA releases animation of mission to capture asteroid

TORONTO – Heading to an asteroid to mine for minerals may no longer be relegated to science fiction. NASA has created an asteroid mission concept that […]