April 1, 2013

InSight mission to find what lies beneath Martian surface

NASA’s next Mars lander will launch in 2016 to take the red planet’s pulse and temperature, listening for tremors, measuring underground heat and monitoring the wobble […]
April 1, 2013

Yvonne Brill, pioneer in spacecraft propulsion, dies at 88

Yvonne Brill, a pioneer in spacecraft propulsion who suspended a promising career to raise three children and then returned to work full time to achieve her […]
March 31, 2013

‘Alien Spaceship’ looking Dragon set for Unveiling by SpaceX this Year!

Later this year SpaceX will unveil the design of a new and upgraded version of the firm’s Dragon spacecraft that will look like “an Alien spaceship,” said Elon […]
March 30, 2013

Will NASA Announce Plans to Snag an Asteroid and Fly It to Earth?

When the Obama administration’s 2014 federal budget gets released in early April, it might include a curious item: a $100 million request for NASA to conduct a mission […]
March 29, 2013

NASA said to request $100 million for plan to capture near-Earth asteroid

NASA is taking a plan to send an unmanned spacecraft to capture an asteroid and bring it into orbit around the Moon seriously. Aviation Week reports that NASA’s budget […]
March 29, 2013

Space Record: Crew In Fastest Ever Trip To ISS

A spacecraft carrying a three-man crew has arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) after what was the fastest ever manned trip to the facility. Chris […]
March 28, 2013

New space station crew to launch and dock today in cosmic first

After blasting off on a Russian rocket ride Thursday, March 28, three men are poised to make history by reaching the International Space Station faster than […]
March 28, 2013

New Space Station Crew to Launch and Dock Today in Cosmic First

Three men are poised to make history today when they blast off on a rocket ride today (March 28) that will reach the International Space faster […]
March 28, 2013

The Dark, Dusty Graves of the GRAIL Spacecraft

The twin GRAIL probes were sent into orbit around the Moon in the last days of 2011, designed to use gravity itself to measure the Moon’s interior composition […]