April 12, 2014

Watch NASA simulate a Mars landing

To make sure the (very expensive) equipment we’re sending to Mars don’t crash into the ground, NASA’s putting its huge supersonic parachutes through a grueling test. Wait, what […]
April 11, 2014

Apollo 11 checklist, Mercury-era spacesuit fetch over $111,000 at NYC auction of space items

NEW YORK, N.Y. – An Apollo 11 lunar surface checklist sheet was among the coveted items sold at a New York City auction of space exploration […]
April 10, 2014

NASA: Human landing on Mars is on track for 2030s

WASHINGTON — A human landing on Mars is still about 20 years away, but NASA’s mission to the Red Planet appears to be steadily moving forward. […]
April 9, 2014

NASA Explains Martian Flash, and It's Not What You Think

A leader of NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover team has offered a couple of explanations for an anomalous bright spot that showed up on pictures from the Red Planet — […]
April 8, 2014

NASA photo captures strange bright light coming out of Mars

A NASA camera on Mars has captured what appears to be artificial light emanating outward from the planet’s surface. The photo, beamed millions of miles from […]
April 7, 2014

'RoboDoc' to the rescue: NASA to send robotic doctor to space

NASA is developing a humanoid robot to perform medical procedures, including surgery, at the International Space Station and even en route to Mars. The robot, which […]
April 6, 2014

NASA Is Severing Ties With Russia

According to an internal memo obtained by The Verge, NASA will be severing ties with Russian government officials over the country’s “violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” […]
April 5, 2014

Build your own SPACE SHUTTLE

Nasa to release insider code that will let anyone create their own rockets Ever fancied building your own space rocket but just don’t know where to […]
April 4, 2014

Will Ocean Discovery On Enceladus Spur Life-Hunting Missions to Icy Moons of Saturn, Jupiter?

Astronomers are hoping that the existence of a subsurface ocean on Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus will build momentum for life-hunting missions to the outer solar system. Researchers announced […]