May 6, 2014

F9R Flight Test

Video of Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) taking its second test flight at SpaceX rocket development facility. F9R quadrupled its height from its previous test to rise to […]
May 5, 2014

“Fossil Galaxy” Discovered From the Early Universe

A small galaxy circling the Milky Way may be a fossil left over from the early Universe. The stars in the galaxy, known as Segue 1, […]
May 4, 2014

Nasa swaps rocket science for rocket salad

Most people associate Nasa with rocket science but now the American space agency has turned its attention to rocket salad. A portable greenhouse to grow lettuces […]
May 3, 2014

Is There Life? Jupiter's Moon Icy Onion-Like Layers

We don’t hear a lot about Ganymede these days, not with Titan, Enceladus and Europa often stealing the science spotlight. Which is unfortunate because one: Ganymede […]
May 1, 2014

Nasa says new spacesuit one small step towards sending mankind to Mars

Nasa unveiled its latest prototype spacesuit on Tuesday, after opening the decision to an online vote. The “Technology” design accrued just over 63% of the vote […]
April 30, 2014

Star Trek’s William Shatner awarded medal by NASA

William Shatner, who is famous for having played the beloved Captain Kirk on the original ‘Star Trek’ television series, received high honors from NASA over the […]
April 27, 2014

How Nasa plans to put a man on Mars in 20 years: Space bosses reveal the route to the red planet

Nasa has reveal new details of its plan to send humans to an asteroid by 2025 and Mars in the 2030s. The space agency was recently […]
April 26, 2014

Plan to move NASA jumbo jet through streets of Clear Lake is finalized

Space Center Houston has released a map of the route that a disassembled Boeing 747 jumbo jet will take early next week as it moves to […]
April 25, 2014

Humanity’s Future Depends On Mission To Mars

NASA administrator Charles F. Bolden grabbed the public’s attention at the Humans 2 Mars Summit laying out a multi-billion dollar plan to get humans on the surface of […]