November 4, 2014

How close is NASA to going 'Interstellar' like McConaughey?

Althopugh NASA continues to stretch itself farther into the cosmos, reaching the depths of space that Matthew McConaughey‘s reaches in “Interstellar” is still too far-fetched, the […]
November 3, 2014

Virgin Galactic spaceship device deployed too soon, investigators say

U.S. federal investigators say they have determined that a space tourism rocket broke apart in flight over California’s Mojave Desert after a device to slow the […]
October 31, 2014

New US rockets include crew launch-escape systems

CAPE CANAVERAL – Heeding a lesson from history, designers of a new generation of US rockets will include escape systems to give crew members a fighting chance […]
October 30, 2014

Spacecraft crash site FOUND ON MOON RIM

NASA boffins are chuffed as ninepence this week to announce that they have discovered unmistakable signs of a crashed spacecraft far away from the Apollo landing […]
October 29, 2014

Antares rocket explosion: The question of using decades-old Soviet engines

The tale of the engines that propelled the Antares rocket, which exploded in a spectacular ball of flame in Virginia Tuesday night, begins four decades ago, thousands of miles away, […]
October 29, 2014

Antares Rocket explodes just six seconds after taking off

NASA, we have a problem! Unmanned cargo rocket explodes just six seconds after taking off for International Space Station, wiping out equipment worth $200MILLION A Nasa […]
October 28, 2014

Space junk forces space station to take evasive action

The International Space Station sidestepped a piece of treacherous junk Monday just hours before the planned launch of a supply ship from Virginia. NASA said debris […]
October 27, 2014

NASA rocket launch, ISS to light up N.J. skies tonight: How to watch

NASA is facilitating the launch of a rocket bound for the International Space Station tonight and all of New Jersey should have a front row seat […]
October 27, 2014

Luxembourg and China Team Up on Private Mission to the Moon

Cold War competition between superpowers dominated the first decades of space travel and exploration. Individual governments took the lead, bankrolling most of the process in the […]