December 31, 2014

Radio ISS Streams Global Radio the International Space Station Can Hear

The International Space Station circles the Earth about every 90 minutes, and in that time they move in and out of range of a number of […]
December 30, 2014

NASA Samples Turn Into 'Space Music' on '80UA' EP

Two months ago, NASA compiled decades’ worth of sound samples and placed them on SoundCloud to create a library filled with space noises, rockets launching and transmissions […]
December 29, 2014

Alien hunters spot a 'COFFIN' on Mars – and they want Nasa to take a closer look

From fossilised iguanas to Obama’s head, conspiracy theorists appear to have found all manner of things on Mars. And now an alien coffin can be added […]
December 28, 2014

Mars Has 'Macroweather,' Just Like Earth

Mars, like Earth, experiences “macroweather” — atmospheric effects that lie in between short-term weather and long-term climate, researchers say.   The discovery might not only shed […]
December 26, 2014

Christmas on the International Space Station: Astronauts tweet festive cheer

Christmas Day might mean peace on Earth and goodwill to men – but that’s not to say it must be confined to either, as astronaut Sam […]
December 23, 2014

NASA Is Lost in Space

The U.S. space program needs a clear purpose. Spending billions on the International Space Station isn’t it. Almost half a century ago Americans set foot on […]
December 21, 2014

NASA wants to deploy manned solar-powered airships to Venus

Despite its hellish surface, Venus turns out to be quite an attractive planet for exploration. NASA scientists are developing a project of conquering its upper atmosphere […]
December 20, 2014

Nasa emails spanner to space station

Astronauts on the International Space Station have used their 3-D printer to make a wrench from instructions sent up in an email. It is the first […]
December 19, 2014

Kepler Spacecraft Finds New ‘Super-Earth’ 180 Light-Years Away

A year and a half after a pointing failure threatened to derail its epochal search for worlds beyond our solar system, NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has bagged another planet, astronomers […]