November 29, 2015

Ridley Scott reveals new ‘complex’ Alien prequel triology was inspired by Star Wars

Ridley Scott has revealed more details about his three upcoming Alien prequels – and explained that Star Wars made him keen to do sequels for the first […]
November 28, 2015

Mars rover snaps pictures of giant, dark sand dunes

The Mars rover Curiosity has moved in for a closer look at giant sand dunes on the Red Planet — sending back fresh images of their dark, rippled […]
November 27, 2015

US space rocket debris found in sea off Scilly

A large chunk of an American space rocket has been found in the sea off the Isles of Scilly. A large section of a spacecraft, measuring […]
November 27, 2015

NASA pours cold comets on aliens-make-star-flutter theory

KIC 8462852 is a star in the Cygnus constellation about 1500 light years from here. Were it not for the fact that Kepler Space Telescope photos […]
November 25, 2015

Largest Water Reservoir in the Universe

Located over 12 billion light years away exists the most massive water reservoir in existence—which contains almost 140 trillion times the amount of water in all […]
November 25, 2015

Blue Origin beats SpaceX to the world’s first reusable rocket

SOMETIMES, the dark horses are the ones to watch. On November 23rd Blue Origin, a publicity-shy rocketry firm owned by Jeff Bezos, who founded Amazon, announced […]
November 24, 2015

NASA paying $1.16 billion so Aerojet Rocketdyne can start making engines for Mars

NASA wants a whole new crop of rocket engines from engine manufacturer Aerojet Rocketdyne. The space agency just awarded the company a $1.16 billion contract, restarting Aerojet’s […]
November 24, 2015

Mars will get ring like Saturn, scientists predict

The Red Planet could find itself wearing a stylish new accessory in tens of millions of years. A ring like Saturn’s will likely form from the shattered […]
November 23, 2015


NASA STILL DECIDING IF BOEING WILL GO FIRST SpaceX rockets have shuttled cargo to and from the International Space Station, and now NASA wants the company […]