February 27, 2013

Russian Meteor Likely An Apollo Asteroid Chunk

On Feb. 15, the Urals region of Russia played host to a noisy cosmic visitor. A meteor entered the atmosphere and broke up over the city […]
February 25, 2013

Star Trek fans rejoice: Pluto's new moon may be named 'Vulcan'

With a major boost from the hit sci-fi series “Star Trek,” one of Pluto’s newly-discovered moons may be named “Vulcan” —that is, if it keeps its […]
February 24, 2013

Attack of the Martian Tree Spiders!

Years ago, in 1999, some odd pictures were returned from The Mars Global Surveyor space probe orbiting the red planet. They showed what looked for all the world(s) […]
February 21, 2013

Space Tourist to Announce Daring Manned Mars Voyage for 2018

The world’s first space tourist, Dennis Tito is planning to launch a manned mission to Mars in January 2018 on a round-trip journey lasting 501 days. Tito, who […]
February 14, 2013

Asteroid's close shave ranks among Earth's biggest hits (and misses)

When the asteroid known as 2012 DA14 zooms within 17,200 miles of our planet on Friday, it’ll mark the closest approach by a killer space rock […]
February 10, 2013

Commercial Moon Flights Coming Soon?

How much would you like to see humanity travel back to the moon? Or for that matter, how much would you like to stand amongst the […]
February 8, 2013

Kickstarter For An Open-Source Death Star Has Raised More Than $300,000

White House officials have already shot down a proposal for a Death Star, but who needs ’em? A new Kickstarter campaign is bringing the Death Star to the people, […]
February 7, 2013

4.5 billion 'alien Earths' may populate Milky Way

Billions of Earth-like alien planets likely reside in our Milky Way galaxy, and the nearest such world may be just a stone’s throw away in the […]
January 29, 2013

Iran Launches Monkey Into Space

TEHRAN, Iran — Iranian officials say that they successfully launched a monkey into space and returned it safely to Earth on Monday in an apparent move […]