October 19, 2016

NASA Astronaut Shane Kimbrough, Crewmates Launch to Space Station to Continue Research

Three crew members representing the United States and Russia are on their way to the International Space Station after launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan […]
October 18, 2016

8 Reasons Why Kids Should Science More [Infographic]

It goes without saying that parents want the best for their children; even the strictest parents who rarely show affection are constantly working behind the scenes […]
October 18, 2016

Who’s Out There?—Life May Be Rare After All

I’ve been reading THE VITAL QUESTION by Nick Lane, New York, W. W. Norton, 2015. In this book author Nick Lane, biochemist at University College, London, […]
October 18, 2016

SpaceX’s Musk says sabotage unlikely cause of Sept. 1 explosion, but still a worry

PARIS — Statements attributed to SpaceX founder Elon Musk suggest he remains concerned that Falcon 9 rocket operations are vulnerable to attack by “a long list” […]
October 17, 2016

China launches Shenzhou-11 crewed spacecraft

“The rocket is flying according to its original plan, and the Shenzhou spacecraft has entered its preliminary orbit,” said Gen. Zhang Youxia, chief commander of China’s […]
October 16, 2016

How Our Solar System is Growing and Why

Our first understanding of the solar system was an Earth-centered system orbited by the sun and moon, a handful of planets, and a sphere of fixed […]
October 16, 2016

China poised for space station mission

China is to launch two men into orbit on Monday morning as it continues to develop its ability to explore space. The astronauts will take off […]
October 15, 2016

5 Reasons You Should Thank Technology for Your Life

Technology will undoubtedly save your life at least once. You might be surprised by the different types of technology that millions of people owe their lives […]
October 15, 2016


CHINA’S ‘FAST’ TELESCOPE LENDS AN EAR TO YURI MILNER’S BREAKTHROUGH LISTEN PROJECT Scientists searching for extraterrestrial life have added a big ear to their arsenal. This […]