October 5, 2013

NASA vet weighs in on 'Gravity': 'Spectacular realism'

There’s a moment, 30 seconds into the original trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s movie “Gravity,” when the light piano music sharply drops off and you watch in a […]
October 3, 2013

SpaceX knocks down claim that Falcon 9 rocket exploded in orbit

The SpaceX launch company and its billionaire founder, Elon Musk, on Tuesday smacked down suggestions that the upper stage of its upgraded Falcon 9 rocket exploded […]
October 1, 2013

So – you’re still interested in astronomy?

So – you’re still interested in astronomy? If you remember, last time we took a look at 10 things you might want to know about our […]
September 30, 2013

Did We Steal Our Moon From Venus?

Dave Stevenson, professor of planetary science at Caltech University, gave an intriguing speech at the Origin of the Moon conference in London this week. The most […]
September 27, 2013

Chris Hadfield weighs in on Sandra Bullock and "Gravity”

It was an innocent question, but probably the most obvious one at a Q & A after the North American premiere of Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity. And it […]
September 26, 2013

Nasa hosts the Starship Project aiming for interstellar travel within 100 years

It would be hard enough these days to find a human capable of playing a 12-inch LP, let alone an alien. So perhaps it is time […]
September 25, 2013

Who’s Out There—Floaters Around the Gas Giants?

Were Carl Sagan and Edwin Salpeter right? In 1976 they suggested that the warm layers of Jupiter’s hydrogen/helium outer layers of gas could be home to […]
September 23, 2013

Planetary Dreams – Interview With a Mars One Applicant

Name: Patrick Ford Age: 20 Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Education: Major – Astrophysics, Minors – Astronomy & Geology at Florida International University Industry/Occupation: Space Educator at […]
September 22, 2013

Voyager’s Great Leap

Has Voyager 1 finally left the Solar System? An answer to this question has been proclaimed so many times in the last few years that it […]