January 3, 2014

So – you’re still interested in astronomy? Venus

So – you’re still interested in astronomy? If you remember, last time we took a look at 10 things you wanted to know about the Asteroid […]
January 2, 2014

Mars One Ambassador

I have been given the honor of being selected as a Mars One Ambassador. Website link below
January 2, 2014

ISS Astronauts Wish Earth Happy New Year

The people of Earth rang in 2014 with raucous celebrations that reached all the way to space, where astronauts on the International Space Station helped usher […]
January 1, 2014

Christmas Space Academy December 2013

Today I got out of Space Academy. I was on team Calypso. This past week I did the MAT, MMU, 5DF chair and the 1/6 chair. […]
January 1, 2014

My interviews while at Christmas Space Camp

WAAY in Huntsville Click above to watch first one Click above to watch second one Article on
December 31, 2013

1,058 People Advance to Round 2 to Earn a One-Way Trip to Mars

Mars One, the company with the ambitious plan to colonize Mars with a group of people willing to take a one-way ride to the Red Plant, […]
December 30, 2013

How to Make an Apollo Spacesuit – Advanced

Here is another Apollo Spacesuit costume tutorial. This one is a more intermediate/advanced version by RPF member DarkJedi1500. It won him 2 prizes at Dragon Con […]
December 29, 2013

Astronaut on spacewalk tweets the ultimate portrait

NASA Astronaut Mike Hopkins, who holds a masters degree in aerospace engineering from Stanford University, tweeted the ultimate portrait taken while he was on a spacewalk […]
December 28, 2013

Private space trips in focus as China lands on moon

For the first time in nearly four decades, a man-made device has once again landed on the moon. The Yutu lunar probe is a source of great national pride in […]