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Astronauts, ‘Star Trek: Picard’ actor & more remind us of the bigger picture in face of coronavirus

Coronavirus precautions are changing life for NASA astronaut’s launch to space station

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Russian crew swap should not impact next ISS mission

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How A Year In Space Affected An Astronaut’s Genes

Space cookies: First food baked in space by astronauts

Meet Vyom – India’s first robot ‘astronaut’

Astronaut Spotlight: Claudie Haigneré

Stereotypes Breaker: Top 7 Things to Forget When Talking About Astronauts in Space

NASA’s Newest Astronauts Ready for Space Station, Moon, and Mars Missions

Aliens definitely exist and they could be living among us on Earth, says Britain’s first astronaut

2020 in Space! Astronauts Ring in New Year (and Decade) from Orbit

Elon Musk shared an animation showing what SpaceX soon hopes to achieve after nearly a decade of effort: Launching astronauts into space

NASA astronaut setting record for longest mission by a woman


How Astronauts Repair Broken Systems in Space

Astronauts are Going to Attach a “Robot Hotel” to the Outside of the International Space Station

It’s 10 p.m., Do You Know What Your Astronauts Are Doing?

NASA Gets Ready For The Private Astronaut Business

Astronaut preparing for ISS mission with reduced crew


NASA Assigns Chris Cassidy to Next Space Station Crew, Holds Media Briefing

NASA astronaut details fall to Earth after failed Soyuz launch

SpaceX to test astronaut capsule next week, a critical milestone after April explosion

Moon Dust Could Be a Problem for Future Lunar Explorers

Veteran astronauts endorse NASA’s program for a return to the Moon

Astronauts Complete First Spacewalk in Series to Upgrade Station Batteries

All-Female Spacewalk Back on After NASA Sends Up 2nd Medium Suit

NASA Astronaut Nick Hague, Crewmates Return Safely from International Space Station

How do astronauts practice self-care in space?

SpaceX Fires Up Rocket in Prep for 1st Astronaut Launch with Crew Dragon

Nasa said to be investigating first allegation of a crime in space

Pence says US rocket companies will put astronauts in space this year. US rocket companies aren’t so sure.

Rodent astronauts suggest trips to Mars will make us anxious, forgetful, and afraid

How Do an Astronaut’s Eyes Change in Space?

Buzz Aldrin sloshed around in pee on the moon (and 11 other Apollo facts)

Did we mishear Neil Armstrong’s famous first words on the Moon?

Ed White: The First American to Walk in Space

Buzz Aldrin is looking forward, not back—and he has a plan to bring NASA along

Astronauts Aren’t Dying From Space Radiation, New Research Suggests

Only Surviving NASA Copy of Neil Armstrong’s Moonwalk Heads to Auction

David Saint-Jacques looks forward to simple pleasures of life on Earth after he returns Monday

A trip to the International Space Station will cost tourists $52 million

NASA will allow private astronauts on the ISS for $11,250-$22,500 a day

Nasa chooses first astronauts to ride spacex’s dragon spacecraft

NASA Astronaut Captures The Entirety Of Earth In Incredible 60-Second Timelapse

Happy Birthday! Spacewalking Cosmonauts Pay Tribute to Pioneering Predecessor

Second NASA Astronaut to Spend Nearly a Year in Space — For Science

Skylab and Space Shuttle Astronaut Owen Garriott Dies at 88

Watch 2 Astronauts Take a Spacewalk Outside the International Space Station Today!

Veteran NASA Astronauts Inducted into US Astronaut Hall of Fame

Why Next-Generation Astronauts Will Need the ‘New Right Stuff’ for Space Travel

Spacesuit issue cancels first all-female spacewalk

Most of us have viruses sleeping inside us, and spaceflight wakes them up

NASA Astronauts Are Taking a Spacewalk Today: Watch It Live!

NASA Astronauts Hague, Koch Arrive Safely at Space Station

NASA Astronaut Nick Hague Prepares for His First Spaceflight (for a Second Time)

Soon, hundreds of tourists will go to space. What should we call them?

The Challenges of Returning to Regular Life After Life in Space

Virgin Galactic pilots join an exclusive club with FAA astronaut wings

NASA Honors Fallen Astronauts Today

Space Travel May Increase Astronauts’ Susceptibility to Cancer

Space Stress: How Astronauts Manage Their Mental Health

How Healthy Do I Need to Be Before Heading to Space?

Astronauts and Workplace Harassment

An Astronaut Accidentally Dialed 911 From the International Space Station

Working in space doesn’t seem to shorten astronauts’ lives

What to Take Care of Before You Head Into Space

Sending astronauts to Mars would be stupid, astronaut says

Watch an astronaut trying to walk after being in space

Apollo 8 Launched 1st Astronauts Around the Moon 50 Years Ago Today Despite Big Risks

What Does It Take to Become an Astronaut?

Earth inspires ‘never-ending sense of awe’ in astronaut Saint-Jacques

How Important is Dental Health for Astronauts?

How Much Radiation Are ISS Astronauts Exposed To?

Astronaut Rusty Schweickart Looks Back on Apollo 9, and to the Next Asteroid Impact

Here’s How Astronauts Vote in Elections

NASA astronauts will get to use this extraterrestrial supercomputer

NASA astronaut still baffled by removal from ISS mission

How Do Bones React in Space?

What Scientists Found Inside the Brains of 10 Russian Cosmonauts

What it’s like to travel to space, from a tourist who spent $30 million to live there for 12 days

NASA astronaut who survived failed launch describes close call

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The film First Man brings realities of life as an astronaut to the big screen

Astronauts escape malfunctioning Soyuz rocket

Astronauts Reflect on Apollo 11 Legacy in ‘First Man’ IMAX Featurette

Animal study suggests deep space travel may significantly damage GI function in astronauts

To Avoid Vision Problems in Space, Astronauts Will Need Some Kind of Artificial Gravity

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