July 17, 2018

MIT’s ‘Orbit Weaver’ Turns Astronauts into Spiders

Moving around in microgravity is tough, but a new MIT Media Lab device takes a page from Spiderman to help astronauts navigate while weightless. It’s easy […]
June 30, 2018

Equality Outta This World – How Women Are Paving the Way for the Final Frontier

One Small Step for (a) Man … “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” These are the famous words from Apollo 11 […]
June 23, 2018

8 perfect astronaut selfies

Earth selfies are so two centuries ago. If you want to impress us, you’ve got to take your picture from space. Whether they’re outside performing maintenance […]
June 17, 2018

NASA astronauts must sculpt freakishly strong arms to work in space

Here’s how former space station commander Peggy Whitson trained NASA astronauts readily admit that being able to float in space is a pretty cool job perk. […]
May 25, 2018

How to Make Inspiring Spacecraft Designs a Reality

What was once thought of as science fiction is now a reality, thanks to the designers and engineers of top space agencies like NASA. A few […]
February 27, 2017

Research and Spaceflight to Exoplanets: An Interview with Dr. Kipping

  NASA exoplanet researchers have recently announced the TRAPPIST-1 system, a solar system like our own with 7 planets, 49 light-years away. Three of these planets […]
November 3, 2015

Barry "Butch" Wilmore

Barry Eugene “Butch” Wilmore (born December 29, 1962) is a NASA astronaut and United States Navy test pilot. He has had two spaceflights, the first of which was an 11-day Space Shuttle mission in November 2009, […]
November 3, 2015

Gregory Reid Wiseman

Gregory Reid Wiseman (born November 11, 1975) is an American astronaut, engineer, and naval aviator. Wiseman was selected in June 2009 as a member of the NASA Astronaut Group 20 and qualified […]
November 3, 2015

Serena Maria Auñón (M.D.)

Serena Maria Auñón (M.D., M.P.H.) (born April 9, 1976 in Indianapolis, Indiana) is an American physician, engineer, and NASA astronaut. Auñón married physicist, Jeff Chancellor and has a step daughter named Serafina Chancellor. Auňón and […]