Bizarre ‘donut UFO’ vanishes after International Space Station camera spots it1 min read

The latest sighting comes just days after viral reports that the US space agency cut public live camera feed after zooming in on a strange glowing orb.

UFO hunters, who spend hours watching footage from the cameras posted online, believe the donut was monitoring the ISS, and claim the ISS is visited on an almost daily basis by alien flying craft.

The odd "donut UFO" the latest to "stalk" the ISS

The odd “donut UFO” the latest to “stalk” the ISS

Scott C Waring, of website UFOsightingsdaily said: “Its a common shape for UFOs near the station.

“The dark centre is not a hole, but a dark dome over the top of the disk.

“The disk is tilted at an angle to the space station for a better view.”

YouTube channel Streetcap1l, who posted the video, said: “Whatever the circular object is, it leaves before the others.”

Streetcap1 has posted a separate video of earlier footage of two mysterious “UFOs” caught on the ISS camera, one horizontal just above the Earth’s atmosphere, and a vertical shape much higher up in orbit.

Referring to the vertical one, which briefly flashes in the raw footage, he posted: “This thing was moving very fast. Slowed to one eighth speed using Windows Movie Maker.”

Its a common shape for UFOs near the station. The dark centre is not a hole, but a dark dome over the top of the disk

Scott C Waring

Mr Waring said of the sighting: “Here he captured a long UFO and what looks like a disk over the Earths atmosphere. But it cloud also be a single UFO. Two parts or more the combine to make a whole. Think of a drone that breaks up into several pieces, but later they unite into a single craft.”

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