Cary Neeper

Cary Neeper is an avid student of complexity theory, sustainability, steady-state economics, and the impact of cosmology on issues of science and religion. She grew up in the foothills of Hayward, California, where she helped rack dried fruit on her father’s 40-acre apricot ranch. After studying zoology/chemistry and religion at Pomona College and medical microbiology at the University of Wisconsin, she moved with her husband to northern New Mexico, where they raised their family. The Neepers still live in the Southwest with a friendly menagerie of dogs, fish, chickens, geese, ducks and a turkey called Little Bear. Cary plays string bass with local folk, symphony and jazz groups and tennis with local retired physicists. She paints landscapes in acrylics, including the cover art for her first Penscript title, The Webs of Varok. Cary's first novel and Webs of Varok prequel A Place Beyond Man was originally published in 1975 by Charles Scribner’s Sons, Dell, and Millington, London. Cary re-released A Place Beyond Man as an Author’s Guild Backinprint edition, now available from online booksellers. Its themes of sustainability and interspecies cooperation have now grown into new adventures for its human, elll and varok family as they travel the alternate 21st century Solar System in the five-volume Archives of Varok, coming from Penscript Publishing House in 2012–2014. Cary’s other works include two musical science fiction comedies “U.F.F.D.A.!” and “Petra and the Jay,” as well as newspaper and magazine articles, essays, short stories, and book reviews for The Christian Science Monitor.

Who’s Out There–Something on Pluto?

Who’s Out There–Anyone Need Water?

Who’s Out There…Anyone On Mars? Anyone Anywhere? 

Who’s Out There–Anyone Nearby Reviewing Earth’s Year 2019?

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Whose Out There–Habitable Zones

Whose Out There–Unique Biocritters?

Who’s Out There–Anyone Nearby?

Who’s Out There–The Santa Fe Institute

Who’s Out There? Anyone On Rogue Planets?

Who’s Out There-Microbes?

Who’s Out There-Anyone? A review (Pt. 2)

Who’s Out There-Anyone? A Review

Who’s Out There–Weirdos?

Who’s Out There-Search Strategy

Who’s Out There?—Tiny Water Critters?

Who’s Out There?—Water-Sensitive Critters?

Who’s Out There?— Earth’s Long Experiment–a book review

Who’s Out There?— Us!

Who’s Out There?—Possibilities?

Who’s Out There?— Ozone? What Else?

Who’s Out There?—Focusing On Talent

Who’s Out There?—Anyone of Interest?

Who’s Out There?—Focusing On Complexity and Getting Going

Who’s Out There?—Focusing On Chemicals

Who’s Out There?—Danger?

Who’s Out There?—Anyone In Our Solar System?

Who’s Out There?—Geologic Features Favoring Exolife

Who’s Out There?—Time To Get Real?

Who’s Out There? The Importance of Getting Real

Who’s Out There–It’s a Puzzlement

Who’s Out There?—Problems and Hope for Life on M Dwarfs

Who’s Out There?—Problems Getting Started

Who’s Out There?—Weirdoes or Boring Carbon Critters?

Who’s Out There?—Star Chips? (and required reading for students of alife and exobiology)

Who’s Out There?—Reviewing Astrobiology by David C. Catling

Who’s Out There?—Stuck With Carbon

Who’s Out There?—What’s Most Likely?

Who’s Out There?—The Smallest Critter Yet

Who’s Out There?—Balancing Probability and Huge Numbers

Who’s Out There?—Life May Be Rare After All

Who’s Out There?—Life May Be Rare After All

Who’s Out There?—Talented Genes

Who’s Out There?—Oxygen Producers?

Who’s Out There?—Anywhere?

Who’s Out There?—Getting Real About Astrobiology—A Review

Who’s Out There?—Creative Chemicals and Genes

Who’s Out There – Tectonic Plates?

Who’s Out There?—Water and Genes, The Odds Go Up (1)

Who’s Out There—Life’s Struggle On Earth

Who’s Out There—NASA’s Astrobiology

Who’s Out There—NASA’s Astrobiology and More

Who’s Out There?—The Bottom Line

Who’s Out There?—M Dwarfs and Subice Oceans

Who’s Out There?—In the Colorado River

Who’s Out There?—Possibilities Keep Growing

Who’s Out There?—Possibilities Keep Growing (1)

Who’s Out There?-Someone Like Us”

Who’s Out There – Focusing the Search

Who’s Out There—The Importance of Environment

Who’s Out There—Revisiting the Drake Equation

Who’s Out There—The Probability For Exolife Rises

Who’s Out There—Right- or Left-Handers or Both?

Who’s Out There?—Something Somewhere Not In Thermodynamic Equilibrium?

Who’s Out There?—Minimal Cells, on Mars First?

Who’s Out There?—Clues From the Conference “Alife 2014”

Who’s Out There—Someone Could Be!

Who’s out there? In a Lake Superior on Enceladus?

Who’s Out There? Tiny RNA Critters?

Who’s Out There? A Problem With Numbers

Who’s Out There? II. Silicon Gadgets?

Who’s Out There? I. Silicon Monsters?

WHO’S OUT THERE–Lots of What?

Who’s Out There—Good News For Life’s Chances In Space

Who’s Out There—Floaters Around the Gas Giants?

Who’s Out There—On Venus?

Who's Out There? Reconsidering the Viking Findings on Mars

Who’s Out There? Nobody Much on Io?

Who’s Out There—Surprises on Titan

Whose Out There? – An Overview of Two Books

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