Avery Phillips

Avery Phillips is a freelance human based out of the beautiful Treasure Valley. She loves all things nature, especially humans, and was driven to pursue an Anthropology degree due to her childhood love of Indiana Jones and Laura Croft. Now she lovingly writes about all things great and small.

The Challenges of Returning to Regular Life After Life in Space

How Does Weather Affect Space Travel?

The Benefits of Sending Your Child to Space Camp

How Healthy Do I Need to Be Before Heading to Space?

Astronauts and Workplace Harassment

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Drinking Alcohol in Space: Is It Possible?

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How Do Bones React in Space?

Geopolitics & How International Farming Could Bring Us All Together (in Space)

Will There Be Human Life on Mars?

Teaching the Next Generation of Astronauts

Actionable Steps for the New Frontier?

Life After Planet Earth

The Lesser-Known Side of Buzz Aldrin

Do Astronauts Have Rights While in Space?

AR & Space Technologies: Future Trends

Equality Outta This World – How Women Are Paving the Way for the Final Frontier

Space & Science: A Happy Marriage

Sleeping in Space: Coping with Darkness & Light

How NASA Prevents Outbreaks in Space

Advice for Aspiring Astronauts

International Space Station

What is the Future of Space-Based Research?

SpaceX & the Future of Travel

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Road Tripping Across the Universe

The Future of Space Engineering

What Discoveries Will Space Research Bring in 2018?

Deep Space and 3D Printing: What Does the Future Hold?

How Telemedicine Keeps Astronauts Safe

Digging into the Great Beyond with Space Archaeology

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