April 27, 2020

Starship passes key pressurization test

WASHINGTON — A prototype of SpaceX’s Starship next-generation launch vehicle passed a pressurization test April 27, one that had destroyed three of its predecessors. The Starship […]
April 25, 2020

China’s Mars mission named Tianwen-1, appears on track for July launch

HELSINKI — China has named its first independent interplanetary mission Tianwen-1, with the combined Mars orbiter and rover spacecraft apparently proceeding towards launch in July. The […]
April 24, 2020

NASA Contributes Expertise, Ingenuity to COVID-19 Fight

NASA has joined the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) with efforts underway across the country to augment the national response, a few of which were highlighted in […]
April 23, 2020

Starlink passes 400 satellites with seventh dedicated launch

WASHINGTON — SpaceX launched its seventh batch of Starlink satellites on a Falcon 9 rocket April 22, growing its internet constellation to 422 satellites in low […]
April 22, 2020

Buzz Aldrin selling autographed Apollo 11 quarantine photos in coronavirus fundraiser

They’re $599 apiece, but it’s for a good cause.They’re $599 apiece, but it’s for a good cause. Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin is leveraging his famous Apollo 11 quarantine experience […]
April 21, 2020

NASA to Host Preview Briefings, Interviews for First Crew Launch with SpaceX

  With the first mission to return human spaceflight launches to American soil now targeted to lift off May 27, NASA will highlight the historic flight […]
April 20, 2020

UAE Mars mission to ship to launch site

WASHINGTON — A Mars orbiter developed by the United Arab Emirates will ship to its launch site in Japan this week, its launch preparations affected by […]
April 19, 2020

NASA announces first SpaceX crewed flight for May 27

A SpaceX rocket will send two American astronauts to the International Space Station on May 27, NASA announced on Friday, the first crewed spaceflight from the […]
April 16, 2020

Mars 2020 remains on track for July launch

WASHINGTON — NASA’s Mars 2020 rover mission, one of the agency’s highest priorities during the coronavirus pandemic, remains on schedule for a launch in mid-July, officials […]