Astro Lindsey

May 28, 2014

'Moonhouse' Crowdfunding Project Aims to Build 1st Art Show on the Moon

The Moonhouse is designed to fly to the moon folded up in a shoebox-sized package. After it is placed on the moon, the art installation will unfold […]
May 27, 2014

Expedition 40 all set to go

From unusual training to upholding cherished traditions, everything is being done to ensure that ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst and his crewmates arrive at the International Space […]
May 27, 2014

The Many Lives Of ISEE-3

This coming August, the California-based private company Skycorp will attempt to contact and possibly regain control over NASA’s International Sun-Earth Explorer-3 satellite, a spacecraft NASA has no plans […]
May 21, 2014

‘Batman v. Superman’ Movie Gets a Title: ‘Dawn of Justice’

Guess which movie is next? Warner Bros. has bestowed a title upon its “Batman v. Superman” movie, “Dawn of Justice,” that leaves no room for guessing […]
May 21, 2014

Climate change could swamp NASA space centers

A report released this morning from the Union of Concerned Scientists says NASA may face an unexpected threat from climate change: underwater launch pads. The report identifies […]
May 21, 2014

The Suspiciously Shrinking Storm

The planet Jupiter doesn’t do anything small. The planet is the largest in our solar system. It has 67 moons, the largest of which would be […]
May 20, 2014

Curiosity could be carrying Earth bacteria, threatening search for Mars life

When searching for life on another world, the most fundamental precaution that any space agency needs to take with any probe or rover is to ensure […]