Alex Silady

March 19, 2014

The Four Weirdest Cryptids

Studying animals that are alive and present is a difficult enough business. But cryptozoology, the speculative “science” of undiscovered, hypothetical, and quasi-legendary animals, adds the additional […]
March 17, 2014

Leprechauns: Scientifically Plausible?

On St. Patrick’s Day, the most well-known creatures of Irish folklore–the small, tricksterish, dapper-dressed leprechauns–come out of the woodwork. The distorted pop culture image of the […]
March 15, 2014

The Five Most Infamous Science Hoaxes

Everyone loves a good science fiction yarn–that is, a fictional story revolving around speculative, nonexistent science. But trying to pass off a fiction as real science […]
March 14, 2014

NASA’s Trash is Some People’s Treasure

From the early days of spaceflight, humankind’s daring ventures beyond Earth’s atmosphere have been a source of wonderment to many. And, like all major historical endeavors, […]
March 12, 2014

The Top Five Sci-Fi Movie Kaiju

One of the most instantly recognizable, well-beloved, and oft-parodied subgenres of science fiction film is what’s called in Japanese kaiju eiga–the  movies about outlandish giant monsters […]
March 10, 2014

The Five Best So-Bad-It’s-Good Sci-Fi Films

Everyone has their own opinion on what the best science fiction movies of all time are. Names like The Empire Strikes Back, Blade Runner, 2001, and […]
March 10, 2014

The Five Oddest Transformers Characters

From humble beginnings as a “half-hour toy commercial” in the 1980s, the Transformers franchise has existed in an unbroken succession of different series for almost 30 […]
March 8, 2014

The Five Strangest Elements on the Periodic Table

The underlying concepts between the Periodic Table of Elements are kind of bizarre from the outset. After all, adding or removing a single proton in an […]
March 6, 2014

The Five Best Works-within-Works in Science Fiction

Sci-fi authors pride themselves on creating immersive alternate worlds, with well-thought-out fictional societies and cultures. Oftentimes science fiction universes have their own languages, and, indeed, bodies […]