Alex Silady

The 4 most oddball theories once accepted as science fact!

The Five Oddest Kaiju Ever Committed To Celluloid

Four Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films That Should Be Holiday Classics

Four Bizarre Prototypes of Cold War Weapons

Four More Weird Cryptids

Four Great Scientists and Their Obvious Mistakes

Thoughts on Bionicle

Sci-fi Toys First Impressions – Lego Ultra Agents (Part II)

Sci-Fi Toys First Impressions – Lego Ultra Agents (Part One)

Four Standout Moments From Sci-Fi Video Games

Is the latest Godzilla film worthy of the mantle?

The Top Four Pieces of Sci-Fi Music

Transformers: The Covenant of Primus – A Brief Examination In Context

The Four Funniest Robots in Sci-Fi

Space Foods Across the World

How Orson Welles Made the Martians Invade

The Four Coolest Sci-Fi Hand Gestures

The Top Four Sci-Fi Anime Series

The Four Weirdest Cryptids

Leprechauns: Scientifically Plausible?

The Five Most Infamous Science Hoaxes

NASA’s Trash is Some People’s Treasure

The Top Five Sci-Fi Movie Kaiju

The Five Best So-Bad-It’s-Good Sci-Fi Films

The Five Oddest Transformers Characters

The Five Strangest Elements on the Periodic Table

The Five Best Works-within-Works in Science Fiction

The Five Most Intimidating Sci-fi Weapons

The Four Most Iconic Fictional Spaceships

The Top Four Body Modifications in Science Fiction

Five Sci-fi Apocalypses People Actually Believe In

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