Sebastien Clarke

August 24, 2016

China unveils 2020 Mars mission probe and rover

China has given the world a first glimpse of its design for the space probe and rover it plans to use in its first mission to Mars. […]
August 23, 2016

NASA regains contact with long-silent solar science spacecraft

WASHINGTON — For the first time in nearly two years, NASA has made contact with a science spacecraft on the opposite side of the sun from […]
August 21, 2016

Finding Habitable Planets Is Even Harder Than We Thought

It doesn’t take a Carl Sagan-style tear-jerker to realize how unique and awesome our planet is (although it never hurts), but as astronomers ramp up the search for […]
August 20, 2016

NASA test fires former shuttle engine for 420 seconds

NASA put a former shuttle engine through its paces Thursday in a test tied to the development of the Space Launch System. The RS-25 engine, formerly […]
August 19, 2016

Watch live as 2 astronauts install a 'parking spot' on the Space Station

On Friday, two astronauts will step outside of the International Space Station to go on a little walk in space to install what NASA has called […]
August 19, 2016

Delta 4 lifts off carrying two Air Force space surveillance satellites

WASHINGTON —A United Launch Alliance Delta 4 rocket carrying twin space surveillance satellites for the U.S. Air Force lifted off early this morning from Cape Canaveral […]
August 18, 2016

Star snapped before and after nova explosion

Astronomers have captured rare images of a tiny star before, during and after it exploded as a “classical nova“. In this type of binary system, a […]
August 17, 2016

New evidence supports Stephen Hawking's theory of shrinking black holes

For a long time, it was assumed that the gravitational pull of a black hole was total — that nothing, not even light, could escape the […]
August 16, 2016


NASA sees your disdain for its plan to capture part of an asteroid and drag it into orbit around the moon, but you know what? It’s […]