Sebastien Clarke

June 22, 2013

Meet the Women of NASA's 2013 Astronaut Class

Over a year after posting a call for astronaut applications, NASA introduced the 2013 astronaut candidate class on Monday, half of which are female, the highest […]
June 22, 2013

Space Travel Agent

Craig Curran, an accredited travel agent for Virgin Galactic, the world’s first space tourism business, has sold exactly two tickets since getting the job in early […]
June 21, 2013

China Readying 1st Moon Rover for Launch This Year

As three Chinese astronauts zip around the Earth aboard a prototype space station, the country is gearing up to launch its first moon rover in the […]
June 20, 2013

Europe's IXV 'space wedge' performs drop test

A successful “drop test” has been conducted on Europe’s experimental re-entry vehicle, the IXV. A 1:1 scale model was released from an altitude of 3km by […]
June 19, 2013

NASA presents an astonishing billion-pixel tour of Mars

It’s a guided tour — from about 150 million miles away. [frame type=”lifted” align=”none”][/frame] A stunning panoramic image from the Curiosity rover offers an incredibly detailed […]
June 19, 2013

We the Geeks Google+ Hangout on Asteroids

Bill Nye discusses Asteroids amoung other things in this Google Hangout! [frame type=”lifted” align=”none”][/frame]
June 19, 2013

NASA Announces Asteroid Grand Challenge

WASHINGTON — NASA announced Tuesday a Grand Challenge focused on finding all asteroid threats to human populations and knowing what to do about them. The challenge, […]
June 19, 2013

NASA’s Cassini To Reveal Pictures of Earth as 'Pale Blue Dot' Taken From Saturn

This simulated view from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft shows the expected positions of Saturn and Earth on July 19, 2013, around the time Cassini will take Earth’s […]
June 19, 2013

Armin van Buuren to journey into space next year

Two years ago, Armin van Buuren teamed up with Space Expedition Corporation to unveil a brand new space craft, The Lynx Static Prototype 1. The space craft has […]