Astronaut Chris Hadfield records song in space1 min read

Is there anything that Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield can’t do? Earlier today Hadfield, 53, posted the first song ever recorded in space to Soundcloud and YouTube.

Titled “Jewel in the Night,” the original composition has Hadfield both playing guitar and singing.

Hadfield launched into space Dec. 19 as the first Canadian to command the International Space Station during the second half of the Russian Soyuz capsule’s five-month mission.

Hadfield had been active on social media in the lead-up to his launch into space, participating in a Reddit Ask Me Anything, as well as regularly updating his Twitter account. That’s continued in space too, with Hadfield recently posting a picture of the spaceship’s Christmas decorations.

Shortly after docking at the space station on Dec. 21, Hadfield tweeted “Space Station! Floating free, buoyed up even more by my smile :)”

Source: Global News

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