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Humans are social beings by nature, however, in the modern world, we’re even more dependent on each other. The latest global lockdown placed us on a serious test with the intent to show our ability to cope with isolation from physical human interaction.

Numerous studies confirmed the impact of solitude on a person’s physical and emotional state, and while some of us show symptoms during our isolation period, others react when they try to get back in the world.

Coping with the stress of a life in solitude is something that astronauts must learn and apply during their space missions, so we decided to share some of their tips with you.

Keep yourself busy

According to Scot Kelly, it’s good for you to have a daily schedule so you can stay productive and keep your mind engaged. If you can work from home, add some housekeeping tasks to your plan.

This way you could work online providing custom essay services or manage an online store in the morning and have the rest of the day working on your hobby or fix that leaking pipe you always wanted to deal with. The more obligations you have the faster your time will pass, and you won’t feel lonely or worried.

In case you’re not working during the isolation, create a brand-new schedule, according to your needs. Compensate for all those hours you’ve spent working instead of focusing on your desires. You could even start a personal lockdown journal and share your experience with others. This would both keep you busy and allow you to help people who would benefit from your words.

Communicate with people when you can

Retired Nasa astronaut, Peggy Whitson, claims that interacting with other people is vital for the preservation of our sanity during the quarantine. Her advice is to engage in conversation with people you’re sharing space with or those you can connect with via the internet or phone.

Peggy’s experience has thought her that being able to talk and see the people we miss helps improve our morals and fills us up with positive energy. Happiness has a positive impact on our immune system, which can be seriously threatened by negative thoughts and the stress of being kept inside.

Workout regularly

Fresh air, walks, nature, these are the things we miss during the lockdown and it’s not just for the beauty of it, we need to put our body to move if we’re to stay healthy. This is why workouts are NASA’s top healthcare priority for every person in space. To keep the astronauts in good physical shape and motivated, NASA scientists developed various exercise machines. With every pound of cargo being measured twice, placing training equipment on ISS shows the value of physical activity during isolation.

Create a daily routine for your workout sessions and follow it but don’t make it a task. If you’re not into the gym start with a few daily exercises and build upon that if you feel the need later. The point is to take your mind off the feeling of isolation and uncertainty. If possible, keep your windows open for fresh air, the additional oxygen will help your brain after the exercise.

Keep the big picture in mind

In times of crisis, when you feel like you just can’t stand it anymore and have to get out, think why you’re isolated in the first place. Remember that you’re saving more than just your life and that your decisions and determination to stay inside influence those you care about and more other people.

Knowing that there is a purpose allows us to keep our motivation and stay strong. Get rid of anything that creates a trigger effect and you won’t fall into temptation that easy.


We kept together throughout the history for safety, yet, sometimes we need to stay apart to keep each other safe. These tips come from people who know how it feels to be isolated and how difficult it is to deal with the solitude. We hope you’ll learn from their experience and add a new value to your lives so you too could deal with the stress caused by global pandemics. Stay safe, engaged, and motivated so we can all win the fight together.

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