Artist Maps Corner of Universe on Galactic Scale1 min read

Matt Mazur, ex-computer programmer, has constructed a universe simulator. The simulator has the ability to project a three-dimensional rendering of earth’s galactic neighborhood onto two huge white screens. It gives the power to scroll far beyond earth’s solar system. A user can explore the solar system with a motion sensor device that can be controlled with hands.

Mazur said that it is difficult to think about something until visualizing it. He also said that people of ancient time believed that earth was just a flat area. They were not able to see actual earth because they didn’t have the tools to view a sphere.

According to Mazur, in consciousness, global consciousness is a stepping stone and galactic consciousness is the next logical step.

He said, “Some people might say, ‘that’s too science fiction.’ But you’ve got to start at some point. Galactic consciousness still might take a while before it actually kicks in, but it’s a process”.

Matt Mazur animates ads for YouTube. In his spare time, he looks into cyberspace to find high-quality images of star systems.

So far, Mazur has stitched together about 64 galaxies. He is working on 50 more galaxies. He has planned to render 250 galaxies. The project of rendering is named as Multiverse. Mazur had obtained images for Multiverse from European Space Agency and NASA Hubble space telescope.

A physics and astronomy instructor at Douglas College in New Westminster, B. C, Jennifer Kirkey, said anything that captures people’s imagination makes them look up at it. It makes them think about their place in the universe.

Kirkey had seen Mazur’s simulator last month at a Vancouver studio for technology-oriented artists. According to Kirkey, it is more than a toy that provides the magic of computer-generated artistry.

Source: French Tribune

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