Within the last century, the modern world has intricately linked itself with the outer world of the cosmos. Most developed nations now have space agencies, and developing nations are aspiring to their own. Countries are using space technology for world wide communication, to track agricultural development, and to predict natural disasters. There are hopes of mining asteroids, creating economies on the moon, and of course traveling to Mars. Space has become a destination, a vantage point, and a global undertaking.

The reasons we are going to space now are more intricate and varied than they were in 1969. Now we are viewing the Earth from orbit to understand our impact on it. We are setting our sites on Mars to define new futures that we can’t understand yet. We are seeing so far back into the universe that we are probing its very creation.

You can feel a collective excitement that we are on the brink of a transformed world. But there is also trepidation caused by the same questions that have been asked for thousands of years: What is our place in the universe? What is our relationship to this planet? Where will this knowledge and technology take us? We will explore these questions through three main projects centered on Earth, Mars, and Space.

We hope that you enjoy this journey around the planet, to different planets, and beyond.