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Who’s Out There?—Minimal Cells, on Mars First?

Why does Mars look like a good candidate for generating life on Earth? Steven Benner , the chemist who started the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution, “…presented the […]

Who’s Out There—Life’s Struggle On Earth

When we take life for granted, we put ourselves in danger of missing out on its most amazingly complex manifestations. For example, trees (when they “realize” […]

Who’s Out There–Weirdos?

A review of “Weird Life: The Search for Life That Is Very, Very Different from Our Own” by David Toomey, New York, W.W.Norton, 2013. by Cary Neeper  Author […]

Who’s Out There–Anyone Nearby?

I have to admit I’m not eager to take a space trip. I’d rather settle down with my large book featuring full color photographs of our […]