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Going to space isn’t exactly the easiest process – or the least expensive. But these DIY room ideas provide a truly out of this world experience without all that expensive astronaut training. Check out the ideas below for adding a little extra planetary-inspiration to your room!

Embroidery Thread Solar System

Astronaut-Thread Solar System

Source: Art4LittleHands

This DIY solar system project will have your room feeling like its own planetarium. Using glue, balloons, embroidery thread and a decoupage spray, you can create your own solar system to hang from the ceiling.

  • Start by mixing equal parts glue and water to create the adhesive for your embroidery thread.
  • Blow up balloons to make them relative in size to the planets, and cut up embroidery thread matching the color of the planets.
  • Coat the embroidery with your glue mixture, and begin wrapping the pieces around your balloon.
  • When all the balloons are covered, set them aside to dry before coating them with one final coat of glue. You can finish your planets with a spray coat of hi-gloss decoupage to ensure your planets hold their shape.
  • Pop the balloons, remove them from the center of your planets, add string and hang your planets up. Positioning them around a ceiling light adds a little extra touch, and the light functions as the sun of your solar system.

Nebula Pillow

Astronaut-Nebula Pillow

Source: Shelterness

This project may be a little more in depth than some other DIYs you’ve taken on, but the end result is totally worth it. The supplies needed for this pillow are: Ink Effects Fabric Transfer, synthetic fabric, a small paint brush, copier paper, a sponge brush and some acrylic white paint.

  • Pick a nebula you want to paint and begin painting on the copier paper with the Ink Effects.
  • Once finished, let the painting dry for at least 30 minutes before ironing onto your fabric, moving the iron steadily as you go.
  • Add some stars and more dimension to your nebula, and allow the paint to dry for an hour or so before filling the pillow with stuffing.

Cosmic Mason Jar

Astronaut-Mason Jar

Source: DesignMom

Creating a nightlight to throw constellations around the room is easier than you think. To get started on this project, you’ll need: a jar large enough to fit a small click light inside, a disposable aluminum cake pan, a click light, an awl and some scissors.

  • Cut a section of the cake pan sized to fit in the jar and use a spoon to smooth out any writing or crinkled parts on the cake pan.
  • Use the awl to poke holes for the light of the constellations to shine through. The original tutorial used a silver sharpie to connect the constellations to make them easier to spot.
  • Roll the aluminum into a tube shape to fit inside the jar. Help the aluminum hold the shape by cutting two tabs at one end and folding them in different directions.
  • Put the click light inside the jar and turn it on before replacing the lid on the jar.

Constellation Starry Lights


Source: Makezine

This wall art is out of this world and so easy to recreate. All you’ll need are a canvas, black acrylic paint, a white paint marker, a nail and a string of Christmas lights. Start with a blank canvas of whatever size works for the space you have and apply two coats of black paint. If you’re free-handing your constellations, print out an image to help you as you go.

  • Start plotting constellation points, and then connect them using the white paint marker. Once the points are connected, turn the dots into little stars using a fine-tipped marker.
  • When your constellations are complete, fill in the rest of the canvas with smaller stars.
  • Use a nail to poke holes through the constellations of the canvas to create a space for the light to sit in.
  • Carefully push the bulb of the Christmas light through the hole in the canvas, taping the length of the light string to the back of the canvas to secure it.
  • Push lights through all the holes made in the canvas and then hang the canvas wherever desired. It’s probably safest to unplug this piece when not in use — that way it’s never on unattended, and you save on your electricity bill.

Glittery Night Ceiling


Source: Wikimedia

Before you say it, glitter is not just for girls. In fact, girls will think you are extra cool if you have this in your room. Making your ceiling sparkle is one of the best ways to bring the stars home with you. Start by painting your ceiling with a night-time shade of blue. You can even throw some glow-in-the-dark paint on if desired. For extra night glow, mix together one gallon of glue with glitter and paint over your base color. The glue will dry clear, leaving behind the entrancing sparkle of the glitter. If you want to do this, it’s a good idea to plan out your room’s design to figure out how much paint you will need and where you want your cool new star-inspired gear.

Putting together a one-of-a-kind  space explorer room can be done with less time and money than expected, leaving you with cosmic results that are sure to make your friends jealous. Set aside some time on Christmas break and get your parents to help you decorate your bedroom and turn it into your own space station.

Megan Wild is a home decor author who loves creating and documenting new home design ideas. You can read more of her ideas at Your Wild Home.

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