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If you love following up on the latest technological breakthroughs that scientists are making to explore other planets, you must be familiar with the Astronaut Buzz Aldrin. He was among the astronauts on Apollo 11 who managed to land on the moon successfully. Having had the experience to walk on the moon, he reported that he is awed by this miracle up to date. And future achievements must be bigger than what they managed to accomplish in May 1997.

As you follow up on what astronauts in our world are doing, you’ll find yourself captivated by old news amid distractions and divisions from social media platforms, revisions of policies governing the nation and lots of conflicts at the borders.

The celebrations conducted in 1969 were very important not only for the people who landed on the moon but also other human beings because it helped them realize that anything that can be conceived by the human mind is possible. What are the lessons that we can learn from the last man standing to visit the moon? Here they are!

1. We always have a choice

As President J.F Kennedy once declared in September 1962, “we choose to go to the moon. “After about a year after he told the Congress to ensure that by the end of the decade, someone has landed on the moon. He also added that they had chosen to land on the moon not because it was easier to access it but because it was extremely hard.

The race to space brought with it some unseen turns and twists that later formed a great story. It is a triumphant story in an age where people don’t have a definite purpose in mind. It is a tale of discipline and perseverance that made history. Choosing to go to the moon was a hard task. And it was all about following principles and sharing progress with all.

Walking on the moon was no easy task. And that’s what makes it a great story. It’s a story of perseverance, triumph, and accomplishment. This day will always be remembered by everyone. The choice to go travel and walk on the moon was all about committing to the success principles and progress of everyone.

While things were hard on the ground, the commitment was aimed towards something great. A difficult service for the greater good to the world. The choice to go to the moon wasn’t a minute’s decision. Several programs could have been brought to life if the NASA funds were transferred to them. This is especially true after President J.F Kennedy was assassinated.

According to custom essay writing, the next President could have easily cut or even dismantled the space program. Further, stiff competition with the Soviet Union to win this race was becoming extremely difficult. In the end, the choice was made and despite the obstacles, we won.

2. Every step is a huge contributor

As human beings, it’s easy to undermine the small daily acts that move a big project forward. We are always on the lookout for the next big thing. We just want big things to happen in our lives. However, the truth is big things rarely happen. And if they do, we end up doing all we can to sabotage our success.

As college papers reports, every big thing is made of small seemingly insignificant things. When these small insignificant things add up over time, they create the big thing. This means that if you don’t take your time to do the small things successfully, you should not expect the big things.

This lesson applied in the moon landing story because there were so many small acts and figures that contributed to this big historical project. It’s difficult to imagine the number of small details that happened successfully for one human being to walk on the moon.

Think of the people who stitched the spacesuits or the software developers who wrote hundreds of lines of code that would drive the ships. If such people wouldn’t focus on the small things, there would be no success story. Every person plays an important role in society and we must focus on doing our work for the greater good of others.

3. Giant leaps are not subject to gravity

The steps that were followed to make it possible for man to walk on the moon were monumental. They signaled the progress of science in the modern age. If everyone got the chance to see how our world looks from a distance of one hundred thousand miles, their perspective would completely change.

According to the essay writer, the borders would be invisible and the noisy arguments would end. They would realize that we all came from the same place and that planet earth is a fragile place. Therefore, everyone should work towards improving the lives of others. This is real humanity.

4. Everything is possible

The astronauts who dreamt of walking on the moon never thought it would be possible or even successful. They visualized their goal and got to work. And they managed to achieve one of the biggest goals in the history of humankind.

If they did it, so can you accomplish any goal. It all comes down to determination, discipline, and perseverance. At times, you’ll not get what you expected. But at least you know that it is possible. If anyone else in your city or state has done it, so can you.

5. We can’t do everything alone

To succeed in the modern world, we need the cooperation of others. Nobody has ever made it to the top alone. The higher you want to go; the more people you should include in your journey. As we’ve seen, the astronauts needed software developers and seamstresses to make their suits.

They could not have done everything on their own and still manage to achieve their goal within the set deadlines. Therefore, don’t look down on other people. Nobody is useless in this world. 


These are some of the key lessons that everyone can learn from the last man’s visit to the moon. If you put these lessons into practical use every day, you’ll be surprised by the progress you’re going to make. Not only will you have a fat wallet but also everyone around you will be happy. Pursuing success for the greater good of others is humanity.


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