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As technology continues to improve and enhance our lives, keeping up with our hobbies and interests becomes easier and easier. Whatever you may be interested in, whether it be birdwatching or photography, chances are that there is an app for that! And, for all you astronomers (amateur and otherwise), there are a lot of exciting apps that will teach you more about space than you ever imagined possible.


1-10-09-02-1NASA App

If you’re interested in all things space, the NASA app is something worth taking a look at. It provides regular updates on all NASA content video clips, articles, images, tweets, blogs and radio. It even has updates on current NASA missions, and a live NASA feedó everything a space aficionado could ask for. Plus, itís free!

Star Walk

Star Walk is another popular (and pretty hip) application. For under three dollars, it allows you ìaugmented stargazingîó basically, you aim your smartphone at the sky, and Star Walk will name all the stars, planets constellations, celestial bodies even the satellitesó visible from your location.

As you move your phone, the stars, planets, etc. will update in real time, giving you a 360-degree view of the sky. It also updates you on celestial events through its calendar you’ll never miss another meteor shower or comet!

Space Images

Named a staff favorite on iTunes, Space Images is a free (yes, free!) app produced by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). It provides interactive images of space, allowing you to zoom in read information about the image. This app also allows you to receive regular updates and notifications on new photos and images from space. You can even download their images to get a breathtaking wallpaper or background for your phone.


Exoplanet is another one of the most popular (and free) space apps. Exoplanet (like Space Images) does what its name suggests: †it provides information on planets outside our solar system. In other words? Alien planets. Its database is updated on a daily basis, giving you information on all known extrasolar planets with visualizations.

Also, like Star Walk, it features ìaugmented realityîóall you have to do is point your phone at the night sky to get the lowdown on all of the visible (and known) exoplanets.

It has interactive options as well, including diagramming and animations. Like Space Images and the NASA app, it comes with push notifications, which informs you whenever a new planet is discovered!

NASA Space Weather Media Viewer

Yet another gem from NASA: the NASA Space Weather Media Viewer is a free application that allows its users to view space weather phenomena in near-real-time. It offers information, images and videos on different areas of the solar system, such as the sun and solar winds. It also features interviews with well-known scientists on both the causes and impacts of weather in space.

As the planet Earth continues to advance in technology, we are able to learn more information about what surrounds us in space. Whether you are an astronomer yourself or recreational stargazer, these apps will certainly allow you to see an entirely different world.


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