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“Want to build a satellite but don’t have a NASA-sized budget?”

That’s the tagline of a really cool Kickstarter campaign for PocketQube, a project from Glasgow-based Alba Orbital.

There are about 22 hours left to fund the project, and they don’t have much more to go. So if this is something you’re interested in, take a look!

What is PocketQube?

PocketQubes are tiny satellites which are small enough to fit in your Pocket. They are 5cm cubes and you can stack them up to create larger satellites, for example 1.5 PocketQubes or 1.5p and 2.5p. Why go small? They are cheapest fully functional class of satellite to launch.

The standard was proposed by Professor Bob Twiggs, creator of the revolutionary Cubesat form factor and voted as one of 10 space professionals “That made a Difference in Space” (The other two selected from the United States were Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and the US President, Barack Obama).

At the end of November the first 4 PocketQubes will be launched into Orbit from Russia! There will be more going next year.

This Kickstarter is focused upon structures, the building blocks of any satellite. We want to enable as many teams as possible to start designing, building and launching their own satellite today!!

That is why we are offering you a chance to support the NewSpace revolution, with T-Shirts, 3D Printed Models and Aluminium Structures for your first satellite project!

PocketQube CubeSat

PocketQube Shop is a small startup based in Glasgow, Scotland. We believe small satellites are on the cusp of a major breakthrough much the like personal computers were in the late 70’s/early 80’s.

We believe space (Orbit) should be open to all. We want to facilitate as many PocketQube builders as possible! We have contacts with all the PocketQube builders in the world and see huge potential in lowering the barriers to entry for budding ‘Homebrew Satellite Builders’.

Our production run of structures will be manufactured by external suppliers, as well as some in-house processes. We have access to four 3D printers in house and work with trusted external suppliers for certain larger quantity jobs.



Alba Orbital Twitter

PocketQube Twitter

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