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Is there such thing as a sci-fi movie an astronaut would like?

Well, maybe it’s your attitude. Let’s be honest: no matter how movies depict the Space, they will never capture it in reality. As space science makes more discoveries, it moves the boundaries of reality further and further. We don’t know what reality is, for that matter. So maybe we should just start enjoying the stories? It’s science fiction, after all.

Yes; astronauts can still watch sci-fi movies with joy. You just have to choose the right one.

We have a great top list of 20 best sci-fi movies of all time!

1. Solaris

We recommend the Tarkovsky’s original adaptation; not the American version. A psychologist is sent to the planet Solaris to investigate the mysterious mental issues the cosmonauts are experiencing. Then, something really weird happens…

2. The Martian

Sci-fi movies usually don’t get nominated for Oscars, so when they do – you know it’s something you gotta watch. Plus, NASA helped Ridley Scott to make the movie as realistic as it gets.

3. Alien

Hey look; it’s Ridley Scott again! Which one is better – Alien or The Martian? Everyone has a different opinion, so you have to watch both masterpieces to make a decision.

4. Gravity

Speaking of Oscars, Gravity got 7 of them! It’s about two astronauts, who are struggling to survive after an accident. That makes you wonder… what if this happened to you?

5. Interstellar

This movie pushes the limits of humanity and raises a dilemma: are there other dimensions that we cannot access?

6. Star Wars

Could the balance between good and evil be crucial for the balance in the Universe? It’s an important concept to contemplate on! Plus, the species and planets depicted in these movies are too creative to miss out on.

7. Wall-E

Now this is a classic that everyone needs to watch. Pixar created a credible world, and the story is so fun that even an astronaut can get into it.

8. Planet of the Apes

Maybe it’s not realistic at all, but this movie has a special place in pop culture. What if evolution took a different turn?

9. 2001: A Space Odyssey

It’s weird, imaginative, and a tad scary. It’s Stanley Kubrick’s work. It’s everything you’d expect from a sci-fi movie.

10. The Thing from Another World

This is an absolute masterpiece that combines the sci-fi and horror genres.

11. The Day the Earth Stood Still

In science fiction movies, we’re usually the ones getting attacked. But what if humans were the enemies of the life on other planets? Harry Bates, the author of the short story that inspired this movie, was wondering about that possibility back in 1940. This movie sends a powerful message about peace.

12. Sunshine

This movie explores two possibilities: the dying Sun and a team of international astronauts working towards a common cause.

13. Edge of Tomorrow

Question: who will fight aliens if they decide to attack? Astronauts or soldiers? Sorry; soldiers win in this case! I mean, it’s Tom Cruise, and Tom Cruise always wins. In this movie, he gets to relive the same day whenever he dies, as he got exposed to alien technology.

14. War of the Worlds

In this movie, Tom Cruise fights aliens again.

15. Avatar

The story might be less-than-impressive for an actual astronaut, but this is a technical masterpiece that movie lovers should definitely watch.

16. Star Trek

Can you really talk about sci-fi movies without mentioning the Star Trek franchise? If you don’t want to watch the movies in order and you have space for only one of them for movie night, we’d suggest Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

17. The Abyss

James Cameron is pretty interested in the things going on in our waters. Titanic wasn’t the only one of his movies inspired by the ocean. The Abyss explores the possibility of alien life at the bottom of the ocean. When the chances of humanity survival against alien attacks are in question, the story is always interesting to follow.

18. Aliens

Here is James Cameron again, but this time he set the story in space. It’s a classic sci-fi movie that makes people afraid of the Universe. It’s about people colonizing planets, and aliens attacking the colonies. Interesting, don’t you think?

19. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Here’s that big question once again: are we alone? This time, Steven Spielberg has the answer

20. The Man Who Fell to Earth

You always thought that David Bowie could as well be an alien? This movie proves you right. In this role, he acts like a human to save his dying planet.

It’s movie night, everyone! Did you make your pick?



Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson is a journalist and editor at EssayGeeks.co.uk. He enjoys writing and blogging. He is also a big fan of sci-fi movies and everything space-related. Chris finds his inspiration in writing. Meet him on Google+.

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Chris Richardson is a journalist and editor at EssayGeeks.co.uk. He enjoys writing and blogging. He is also a big fan of sci-fi movies and everything space-related. Chris finds his inspiration in writing. Meet him on Google+.

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